If you’ve been considering getting a dog – have you considered adopting a rescue?

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) Cornwall currently have six tail-waggers looking for their forever home, perhaps one of them will be just the character you’ve been looking for.

The Hayle centre carries on the work started by Molly Wyatt, who died in July 1996, and whose name was synonymous with animal rescue in the county.

They are currently closed to walk-ins, instead running an appointment-based homing service so if you are interested in any of the animals currently in their care, the first step is to give them a call.



Falmouth Packet: Lassie is looking for a quiet life. Picture: NAWTLassie is looking for a quiet life. Picture: NAWT

Breed: Lurcher whippet cross
Age: Five years

A really shy little lady, Lassie is looking for a quiet life.

She struggles when things are too hectic or loud so needs a new owner who can work with her to build her confidence.

Lassie is wary of meeting new people, so her new owner will need to have patience until she feels safe - when she does she is a real love bug.

Due to her nervous behaviour, she wouldn't be suited to young children, but school age, sensible children should be okay subject to meets.

Lassie is quite nervous of other dogs and can snap if they approach too quickly, but could possibly live with another similar-sized, calm dog.

She was very nervous during her cat test, so would need a home visit if there is a resident cat.

For more information on Lassie, visit the NAWT website.


Falmouth Packet: Willow is sweet and friendly. Picture: NAWTWillow is sweet and friendly. Picture: NAWT

Breed: Shihtzu pug cross
Age: Nine years

Willow is a sweet and friendly girl who is looking for a quiet home where she can get lots of fuss and cuddles.

The perfect little lap dog, she just thrives on the company of her family.

Because she is small, she makes more of an effort to make herself heard and certainly has a lot to say for herself.

Sadly, she has a grade five heart murmur, so her new owners will have to take into consideration future medical costs.

Willow could live with dogs in her new home, depending on successful meets at the centre.

She could also live with cats and children who can be respectful of small animals and accept her as the most important lady in the household!

For more information on Willow, visit the NAWT website.


Falmouth Packet: Paddy is still very energetic and playful. Picture: NAWTPaddy is still very energetic and playful. Picture: NAWT

Breed: Cockerpoo
Age: 10 years

Paddy is looking for new owners who have experience with, or an understanding of, resource guarding along with a willingness to get on board with the positive reward-based training he has begun in order to help with this.

Due to the resource guarding, he is unable to live with other pets or young children.

He doesn't act his age at all and is still very energetic, playful, and full of fun!

One of his favourite things to do is go swimming, so new owners living near a beach would make him very happy.

Paddy has both beauty and brains and would benefit greatly from doing enrichment activities to keep his brain busy and his mischievous streak at bay.

He can get stressed and barky in new environments so will need time and patience to adjust. For this reason, he needs to be rehomed within Cornwall so NAWT staff can help him transition into a new home.

For full disclosure - he has recently had a haircut so is not quite as fluffy as in the photos!

For more information on Paddy, visit the NAWT website.


Falmouth Packet: Luna is energetic, chatty, and loving. Picture: NAWTLuna is energetic, chatty, and loving. Picture: NAWT

Breed: Husky
Age: Five years

Typical of her breed type, Luna is energetic, chatty, and loving.

She is looking for an active home with someone who is familiar with Northern breeds and their traits.

Luna loves nothing more than to be out and about in the world, exploring and would love a family to walk miles with every day.

Although she could live with another dog, they would ideally be of a similar size to her as she can sometimes be reactive to smaller dogs. She would also need a few meets and greets with them to make sure she is comfortable with them.

Also subject to successful meets at the centre, she can live with children too.

Unfortunately, due to the high prey drive in her breed, she is unable to live with cats or other small furries.

She will need grooming regularly but happily, she does love a good pamper session!

For more information on Luna, visit the NAWT website.


Falmouth Packet: Marley has a strong desire to learn. Picture: NAWTMarley has a strong desire to learn. Picture: NAWT

Breed: Border Collie
Age: 15 months old

Very typical of the breed, Marley has a strong desire to learn and keep his mind busy.

He will need new owners who have experience with collies and know how to channel his energy in the right direction.

Marley is incredibly switched on and need a home where he will regularly be taken to classes to put his brain to good use!

A little wary when first meeting people, he does then make friends pretty quickly, especially if they play a game of fetch with him.

He will need a home where the new owners will work with him and the NAWT behaviourist to help him overcome anxieties and stressors in the house.

A very loving boy once a bond with someone begins to form, staff call him the wiggly, Velcro dog as he sticks to the people he loves.

Marley will need an adult-only home, with no small furries but the team say he would greatly benefit from living with another well-rounded dog to help him overcome any worries.

For more information on Marley, visit the NAWT website.



Falmouth Packet: Bryn arrived at the centre as a stray. Picture: NAWTBryn arrived at the centre as a stray. Picture: NAWT

Breed: Lurcher
Age: Two years

Bryn arrived at the centre as a stray, so his background is unknown.

Upon arrival though, he quickly came out of his shell and has proved to be a lovely, bubbly, bouncy boy!

There is a possibility that he may have been worked in the past as his prey drive is very high. Because of this, staff are training him to wear a muzzle on walks and this will need to be kept up in his new home.

He is perfect to walk on a lead but does get very excited seeing other dogs.

Bryn could live with another dog, but they would have to be of a similar size, be patient and not mind that he's a bit full-on sometimes. He's "all paws" when it comes to saying hello!

Little dogs are out of the question as they can spark his prey drive.

His new owners will need to be active to keep up with his exercise needs and will also need to be willing to continue the training started at NAWT.

Due to the high prey drive, he won't be able to live with cats or small dogs.

He could live with a family, but children would need to be school-aged and dog savvy, as he's very bouncy and would probably knock little ones down. 

For more information on Bryn, visit the NAWT website.