A World War II enthusiast in Falmouth has spoken of his disappointment after having a live anti-aircraft round removed from his home by a bomb disposal squad.

Dean Bullen, from Falmouth, said he'd had the 88mm anti-aircraft round for about ten years and was part of his own WWII collection which he'd included in a 'mini-museum' at his home.

Dean told The Packet how his social worker had noticed the aged ammunition when visiting and had then notified the police.

He explained: "The police turned up and said 'Dean we've worked out you've got a bomb!'

Falmouth Packet: Dean's 'WWII museum' is located in his home bathroom and includes posters from the time.Dean's 'WWII museum' is located in his home bathroom and includes posters from the time.

"I said it's not a bomb, it's flak, then later the Royal Navy turned up and they were checking it all out.

"I told them 'you're not taking my baby! but they said it's a live shell."

Dean had been given the shell by one of his friends who had dredged it up while fishing and given it to him because, as Dean put it, "He knew a guy who'd love that."

"It had barnacles all over it and it was quite heavy, probably because it had 70 per cent cordite still left in it, so they had to take it away.

"I think they're going to detonate it so I want to go and watch that, I want to see exactly how much power it's got.

Falmouth Packet: Some of the exhibits at Dean's 'WWII museum'Some of the exhibits at Dean's 'WWII museum'

"All my mates say 'Dean, you are too obsessed."

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Police and Royal Navy EOD attended a property in Falmouth on Friday 21 January following a report of possible live historic ammunition found in an address.

"EOD removed the items safely."

The Packet have approached the Royal Navy for comment but did not receive a response in time.