It's a new month and that means a new theme for February's edition of The Packet Camera Club!

With January now in the rear-view mirror, it's the start of a new month and with it a new theme for The Packet Camera Club.

Having held our first poll on Facebook to decide what this month's theme should be, our members sent in their votes and the results were conclusive.

February's theme will be 'Bring on Spring!' and we can't wait to see what our members come up with over the next 28 days.

Our collection of images this week include woodland walkways, harbour views, frosty reflections and one captivated cat.

Honourable mentions this week go to Liz Richardson for her photograph of a tree that demonstrates that it's not just ogres and onions that have layers.

Also getting an honourable mention is Jo Hussey for her image of the Loe reflected clearly in a body of water.

Keep on sending in your submissions and make sure to keep an eye on the Facebook group page for all the latest pictures and images.

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