This week Kirstie Allsopp, daughter of Charles Allsopp, 6th Baron Hindlip and Lady Fiona Hindlip and famed Channel 4 presenter, announced that of course young people could afford to buy their own home if only they would just give up their Netflix subscriptions and stop going to the gym.

Of course, she says, she only had a little help from her extremely wealthy parents when she brought her first house when she was 21 in 1992, when the average house price was £50,000.

Now if only all the young people in Cornwall follow her advice they’ll be rolling in house ownership in no time!


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If you take the price of the cheapest house you can buy in Cornwall is around £200,000 it means you only need a £10,000 deposit and a salary of around £45,000. Sounds perfectly feasible. Oh, hang on. I think I can see the flaw in the plan.

Giving up Netflix would save you around £120 a year, which would mean it would take you around 84 years to save ten grand. But I’m being facetious, of course. On the mega wages you can command down here in Cornwall it will be a doddle to buy a house.

And back in 1992 the housing market wasn’t quite yet completely broken. Even with inflation taken into account, £50,000 is the equivalent of nearly £100,000 in today’s money – still only half as much as the lowest price in Cornwall.

The Duchy has also been plagued by second homes, bought by people like Kirstie, and Air BnB driving up the prices and forcing Cornish people out.