A BID to allow non-students to stay in 190 bed student accommodation block during the summer has been withdrawn.

In January last year, Empiric Student Property applied to Cornwall Council for a variation of condition 17 to allow the occupation of Ocean Bowl in Pendennis Rise by non-students

They wanted the variation to apply during the period of June 1 to August 31 of each calendar year when they are not in use by the students. It would provide the temporary use of student accommodation as service apartments managed by the company.

They said the target audience would not be tourists, who would usually stay in hotels and B&Bs, but would be corporate accommodation for contractors, consultants, or employees to recent graduates, visiting staff to educational institutions and young professionals.

But the application attracted 17 comments of objection with people complaining that it would not give residents a break from students being there for the rest of the year.

Ward Cllr Laurie Magowan summed it up in his objection when he said: "This change of use will have a significant impact on local residents in terms of noise, increased traffic and pressure on parking if such a large development is permitted change of use.

"Though not necessarily planning considerations, I have additional concerns about the management of mixed use if students are still present during the summer months.

"I appreciate there may be economic benefits to the agent and Falmouth Town but this will come with significant impact on residents who are looking for some respite during the summer months."

The application was also opposed by the Save Our Falmouth Group and Falmouth Town Council.


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The Ocean Bowl site was approved by a Bristol Inspector on appeal, despite numerous objections, after the application to build the block was refused by Cornwall Council.

The Highway Development Management also objected saying that the likely lack of control and enforcement over visitors bringing a car will likely increase the pressure on, on-street parking. "This is likely to result in congested nearby streets which could result in informal priority working which will restrict the free flow of traffic and potentially result in frustration and inconvenience for car drivers."

But today Empiric Student Property formally withdrew the application.