There is only one word on everybody’s lips this week - Ukraine.

The horrifying pictures coming out of the country of artillery strikes on apartment blocks in Ukranian cities are terrifying.

Thousands of refugees are fleeing the country while still others are taking up arms.

Nearly all the country’s MPs, who are capable, have taken up Kalashnikovs to fight against the invaders. Which of our MPs could you see doing that?

However the government’s attitude to allowing refugees into our country is just horrendous.

While the rest of Europe throws open its doors, Home Secretary Priti Patel spouts bizarre statements that we can’t relax our rules because it could allow in terrorists or saboteurs.

Which among the nearly all the women and children are going to be saboteurs? It’s ridiculous and completely heartless. Does this woman have no soul?

However pressure from the British people is forcing them to change their stance.

Compare her heartless attitude to the fortitude of the Ukranians and the support of the people of Cornwall and the UK.

The Ukranian Cross above Mylor is a reminder of the suffering that Ukranians have had to endure for centuries.

We must all support them in any way we can and stand up to what Putin is doing in their country or it will never end.

As the Bishop of Truro said, the sea around Cornwall was not a boundary but a gateway.

Slava Ukraini!