FLAGS that hung above Falmouth’s main shopping street last year are set to return this Spring – but with a difference.

Last year the flags that hung above Market Street were practically destroyed by a late summer storm and the damage has prompted a re-think.

In his recent report to Falmouth Town Council, town centre manager Richard Gates said planning for this year’s Spring Clean was well advanced and the flags above Falmouth’ main shopping street would go up again.

"We all know that people loved the flag canopy last year and then we had the storm that wrecked it," he said. "We will be doing it again but slightly changing it so it is more resilient.

"It was very much a learning curve. People loved the shadows. There will be the canopy in Market Street, the 1.5 metre flags, the difference is that they will hang down and, when the wind blows, they will go up to horizontal.


The original flags when they were put up in 2020

The original flags when they were put up in 2020


"You'll still get the shadows and things like that but we have to make sure from a local area point of view we have more options for variety for the summer months."

He said items such as bunting and the flag canopy in Market Street have all been ordered.


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He also said plans were progressing for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and further details will be announced to the public this month.