Spring tides left a casualty who had fallen from rocks stranded on the beach with the sea coming in.

The drama unfolded on Saturday afternoon, involving an injured walker who had fallen from a cliff just after 1.30pm.

It was reported the casualty had sustained injuries to their ankle, chest and arm on the rocks at Wheal Charlotte, Chapel Porth.

Emergency services were called in, but despite the best efforts of coastguard rescue teams from St Agnes and Portreath, they were unable to reach the casualty because of the tides.

An RNLI spokesperson said: "The casualty was assisted by local RNLI lifeguards from Porthtowan and a volunteer patrol, but the high spring tides meant they were all quickly cut off."

HM Coastguard Portreath Rescue Team continued: "On arrival it was discovered that the casualty could not be reached from beach level due to the fast incoming tide now cutting the casualty off between Porthtowan and Chapel Porth beaches."

Thankfully St Agnes RNLI was already out training and the volunteer crew was able to reach the scene swiftly.

St Agnes Coastguard Search & Rescue Team said: "St Agnes Lifeboat managed to land on the area of beach where the casualty was. Coastguard teams stood by at the top of the cliff in case a rope rescue was required."

Taking up the story again, Portreath Coastguards added: "Both teams relocated to Wheal Charlotte, where after exploring all options and taking into account the nature of their injuries alongside the fast incoming spring tide a helicopter evacuation was deemed the best option for extraction.

"With the St Agnes RNLI Lifeboat and a single lifeguard with the casualty on the beach, Rescue 924 collected the casualty and we set up a helicopter landing site in a suitable location near the road, for them to land and drop off the casualty for onward transport via land ambulance to hospital, freeing up R924 to go onto another incident up the coast.

"We wish the casualty a speedy recovery."