More than 80 people and organisations, including schools and councils, have signed a letter calling for West Cornwall's MP to back a climate bill they believe will "safeguard future generations in West Cornwall and the wider world."

The Climate & Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill is being debated in parliament and supporters want to see St Ives constituency MP Derek Thomas speak in favour of it.

The open letter for support will be presented to Mr Thomas on Friday – to coincide with Earth Day – by Lesley Bradley of Transition Penwith and Penzance mayor Jonathan How Mayor, along with other figures from CEE Bill Alliance West Cornwall, which is fighting to see the bill passed.

The 80 signatories include schools, the town councils of Penzance, St Just, Helston and St Ives, pro surfer Mike Lay, novelist Patrick Gale and Helston’s CAST studio, as well retailers and community groups.

The CEE Bill is a private members bill, written by climate scientists, ecologists, academics and lawyers, calling for ambitious and binding climate and nature targets. The Bill has the backing of 151 MPs and peers from all major parties.

The 80 organisations signing the letter believe that by backing the CEE Bill, Mr Thomas can help "safeguard future generations in West Cornwall and the wider world."

Lesley Bradley said: “The countryside is a part of who we are in West Cornwall. This bill is the only legislation that seeks to reverse biodiversity loss, tackle climate change and support communities in their transition to a resilient and healthy future. The CEE Bill gives us hope.”

The alliance has the support of Penzance mayor Jonathan How, who said: "Meaningful response to the climate emergency can only really happen at the local level.

"But we need central government to create frameworks within which we can operate. So far the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill is the best option that I’ve seen and I think it will really help Penzance Council deliver its Climate Action Plan.”

The CEE Bill calls for the following targets:

  • Reduce emissions to keep global heating to a safer 1.5 degrees. Targets will be locked into law to ensure that commitments are kept.
  • Restore and conserve ecosystems, ensuring that the UK tackles climate and nature together, protecting wildlife and restoring our ‘carbon sinks’ (in Cornwall our heath and moorland, soil and the ocean floor) to absorb vast amounts of carbon.
  • Be responsible. If products the UK imports cause emissions in China or deforestation in the Amazon, our government must take responsibility. At present 46% of Britain’s carbon footprint is not even accounted for because it happens abroad. No more sweeping emissions under the carpet.
  • Get the public involved via an advisory climate and nature assembly consisting of ordinary people from all over the UK.