With Falmouth Town Council 'looking into' taking on the Ships and Castles leisure centre, as well as the Pendennis Headland, what doesn't seem to have come up for much debate is the caveat Cornwall Council included in its offer of full devolution to the town council.

Falmouth Town Council were told that, should they take on the offer of full devolution of the headland site, that Cornwall Council "would not look to be providing any further leisure facilities in the Falmouth area."

Now, I don't know about you, but to this Skipper, to attach such an extreme stipulation to their offer after witnessing the passion and commitment of the people of Falmouth to save the centre seems in very bad faith.

What other purpose would this serve but to dissuade councillors from taking the option through fear of losing what limited leisure services the town already has?

How on Earth do Cornwall Council justify including said caveat while simultaneously claiming to be "fully committed to working with the town council?"

The people of Falmouth deserve better than that.

Pendennis Leisure CIC have said: "There is a really strong force of energy and belief that we can actually do something."

I'd challenge Cornwall Council to match their energy and come up with an offer that isn't insult to all of those who have put so much energy into saving Falmouth's only leisure centre.