WORK is due to start next week on trees in Kimberley Park after fungal infections made some of them dangerous.

Falmouth Town Council recently had a survey of the park in Kimberley Park Road done to assess the condition of the trees on the site.

The report recommended that the lime trees need to be cut down immediately because of a fungal infection while one of the Monkey Puzzle trees may need to be removed in the near future.

However the report says the Ash trees in Kimberley Park, Falmouth are only showing small signs of the deadly Ash Die Back disease ad recommends an eye is kept on them for now.

It applied for permission to carry out the work to Cornwall Council which was granted.

Falmouth Town Council says it uses a proactive approach in the management of its tree stock: "We engage an expert consultant to periodically carry out full inspection surveys for each of our sites, to assess the risk of significant harm from a tree or branch fall.

"The council undertakes to replace trees in numbers in excess of those that need to be felled and has an annual tree-planting programme which sees many trees of the interesting unusual variety planted over each Autumn/Winter season.

"We are planning to commence works in Kimberley next week. The works are for the purposes of good practise management, disease control and public safety; all trees are subject to an environmental assessment prior to being worked on which will prevent work from happening if birds are nesting or bats are present."