The owner of Falmouth's oldest pasty making business is shutting up shop and selling the building to a developer telling the Packet after over 60 years "he's had enough".

75-year-old Charlie Choak joined the family business JH&M Choak, known locally as Choak's Bakery over 60 years ago. But says he has now sold the shop at the top of The Moor in Killigrew Street to a developer and it will be closing in the next eight to ten weeks.

"I am closing in eight to ten weeks," he told the Packet. "I've sold the building to a developer, they have done all the surveys, just need to sign it.

"I've just had enough. I've sold it to a developer after the property went on the market a few weeks ago. I cannot keep going any more, I am 75-years-old!"


Charlie first started working at Choaks in 1948

Charlie first started working at Choaks in 1948


He said no one in the family wanted to take the business on so he was shutting up shop. It is not know what the developer plans to do to the site.

The news has been greeted with sadness on Facebook, with people saying that they are "devastated" at the closure.

Sue Matthews said: "My first job whilst at school from the age of 14 to 21. Great days next to Falmouth Dairy where we would go for coffee and then into the Masons after work. So sad to hear its closing Charlie was a great boss."

Meryl Shephard said: "Well, I’m really devastated. All through my childhood and even now when we visit it’s always been Choaks. They’ve always been the best. My brother Steve got his pasty- making certificate from Charlie himself!"

Choaks Bakery, located at the bottom of Killigrew Street, was established after the end of the World War Two in 1948, when Joseph Henry Choak parted ways with Billie Rowe of what became Rowe's bakery and moved to Wodehouse bakery in Minnie Place.


Charlie first started working at Choaks in 1948

Charlie first started working at Choaks over 60 years ago


The inspiration behind the current location and shop layout came from a trip to Scotland, which was where Joseph Choak's wife, Magdalene, was from.

Charlie told the Packet of how his father was inspired by the open layout of a bakery there, where customers were able to see all the produce being made.


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Upon returning to Falmouth, the site of what Charlie remembers as Ricky’s Café was bought and has remained the home of Choak’s for more than 60 years but is now closing for good.

In 2019 the business celebrated its 70th year with Charlie telling the Packet he would probably keep going for another ten years, but he's changed his mind.