A BMW owning pair have been ridiculed on social media after apparently reversing their car onto a beach to launch a kayak - and getting stuck.

The incident happened on Swanpool on Saturday when two lads, who from local reports said they were from Guildford, reversed their car onto Swanpool Beach to launch a kayak but got stuck.

Siobhan's Garland's husband took this photo of the car stuck on the beach, which was luckily just above the high tide mark so did not get swamped.

She told the Packet: "It's a BMW. My hubby thought maybe they were launching something as they've reversed down the beach."

There are clear "do not drive your vehicles onto the beach" signs which the pair chose to ignore or didn't see.

The two men were there all night trying to dig the car out until a passing local took pity on them early in Sunday afternoon and towed them out using a 4x4.


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The pair did not find any pity on social media with many local people ridiculing their predicament over the bank holiday weekend when many visitors were in Cornwall.

Danny Beckwith said: "Shame it's above the high tide mark. Could of been one for Davey Jones."

Vivienne Bacon said: "Apparently two guys couldn't be bothered to carry their boards to the car park, so they took the car to pick them up." while Pauline Jones said: "Silly season coming! We’ll get a lot more yet!"

The van was parked on the beach in front of Swanpool Cafe

The van was parked on the beach in front of Swanpool Cafe

A woman caused outrage last year when she parked her camper van on the beach directly in front of Swanpool Cafe and camped there overnight, despite people telling her she wasn't allowed to park there.