Pasty lovers, despair, for the end of an era is upon is.

It was announced this week that Charlie Choak, the owner of Falmouth's oldest pasty shop, will be crimping his last pasties over the next couple of months as he gets ready to close the shop for good.

A few years back, Choak's celebrated its its 70th year with Charlie telling the Packet he would probably keep going for another ten years, unfortunately though, it seems Charlie has changed his mind and decided to hang up his apron for good.

JH&M Choak, known locally as Choak's Bakery located at the bottom of Killigrew Street, was established after the end of the World War Two in 1948 and will be a sorry loss for Falmouth and the surrounding area.

Charlie claims his reason for shutting up shop is that, after manning the helm for 60 years, he's had enough, and who can blame him?

Amazingly, Charlie will have been working at Choak's for longer than some of you reading this have been alive, so it's no surprise that, after all this time, he's decided to call it a day.

So, from this Skipper, it's a big thank you to Charlie for his six decades of providing pasties to locals and tourists alike.