A 72-name signature petition against a controversial application to build eight new homes on derelict land near a school is to be handed in to a meeting to discuss the development tonight.

Helston Town Council's planning committee is due meet tonight (May 5) at 6.15pm in the Guildhall to consider an outline planning application on land next to Helston Community College. The application comes from planning consultants Situ8 on behalf of Rhosnoweth Developments Ltd.

There are two properties currently at Channel View, in Gander Lane, but the developers say they have fallen into disrepair and have been partially removed for safety reasons. They hope to be able to knock the rest down and build eight new ones in their place.

The site location in Helston Picture: Situ8/Cornwall Council

The site location in Helston Picture: Situ8/Cornwall Council

The consultation period on scheme is now finished with last minute rush of support for it coming in the last few days with 48 comments in total, 27 against and 21 for the development.

Opponents to the scheme say residents who border the site, in Fir Close and lower part of Church Hill many of them elderly, are very angry about it. As a result a petition letter has been raised to object to this proposal in its proposed form with so far 72 signatures. It will be presented to the committee for reading at the meeting.

They say it is important to say that the "against" party do not oppose the need for development, but the objection is in the detail.

However many people support the application saying it's a good use of derelict land that has been an eyesore for many years.

Commenting on the application on May 3, Mr Phil Hughes said he supports it: "The site in question has been in an awful condition for some time and the vandalisation of the two bungalows situated on it has done nothing to improve that situation," he said.

"It has long needed developing to rid the area of a neglected and dangerous site that is truly an awful eyesore. The site as it stands, derelict, simply does not belong in the middle of a residential area."

He said he thought the planning proposal was well thought out and "seemed to have considered everything to ensure a development that will not only enhance the immediate area but the surrounding area too while more importantly supply much needed local housing."

The layout of the proposed houses Picture: PSD Architectural Services/Cornwall Council

The layout of the proposed houses Picture: PSD Architectural Services/Cornwall Council

His sentiments were echoed by Mr Andrew Lewis who posted on May 2 said he "100%" supported the application: "I think this is brilliant, removing two outdated, dangerous and vandalised buildings to replace with eight much needed houses."

However objectors say that the application should be refused on the grounds of road safety.

Mr Martin Barnett said he objected to the application on the grounds of road safety saying the road was already too busy and being used as a cut through.

"Further traffic would push this into overload and would be dangerous for the pedestrian users of the lane. The access is a lane and is not designed for multiple vehicles. The proposal to build eight properties on the site is clearly an overdevelopment for such a plot."

Mrs Louise Dean, whose property borders the site, said the development would mean her losing all her privacy

"By eight houses being built they would be towering over us looking straight into our living / kitchen areas and gardens. And on a site where only two bungalows have ever been."

None of the houses will be designated as "affordable" as they don't have to be.