A Falmouth action group says the town council should seize a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to acquire Pendennis Headland, by way of devolvement from Cornwall Council free of charge.

The Save Our Falmouth says should devolution from Cornwall Council fail, and the headland put up for sale on the open market, it is very unlikely Falmouth Town Council would have the finance to purchase the site outright.

"Devolution is the only way to protect this wonderful headland for all of us to enjoy," they say.

At a recent Falmouth Town Council meeting, councillors voiced their concerns regarding a potential cost to the Falmouth Council taxpayer with regard to an increased precept to finance the running and maintaining of such an acquisition.

"Falmouth is the largest populated town in Cornwall, surrounded on three sides by sea, and yet we do not have a public swimming pool¸for children and adults to learn to swim," say the group. "This is totally unacceptable!

"Pendennis Leisure are a Community Interest Company set up solely to operate Ships and Castles which will not involve an increase in the council tax precept, should devolvement be successful."

They say English Heritage rent the Horn Works area and would fund the maintenance of the headland.


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They say the alternative is Pendennis Headland and Ships and Castles would be sold for development to the highest bidder and are urging people to write to their local councillors.

"This may well lead to a gated community with limited, or no access to Pendennis Headland. The Port Pendennis development is an example of a gated community! Do you want that outcome?

"As stated previously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain complete ownership of Pendennis Headland for free. It is now the responsibility of all Falmouth and outlying parish residents to express their opinions to their councillors to enable them to make an informed decision on behalf of their residents."

Pendennis Leisure is holding a local stakeholders meeting at Princess Pavilion at 7pm on Tuesday, May 10 to demonstrate what is really needed and why the community deserves a working swimming and leisure facility.

The community interest company is exploring funding options and now really wants to engage the communities of Falmouth and Penryn and surrounding areas in agreeing priorities and next steps. All are welcome.