AS Flora Day ends for another year, for one couple the celebrations are still ongoing.

Bobby Huse and his now fiancée Amy Wakeham took part in the Midday Dance, and once the couple were in Lismore Gardens, during the interval of the dance, Bobby took one knee and proposed to Amy – in front of both sides of their families.

Bobby, 33, who works for Huse Transport Company, wanted to propose to Amy two years ago when they were originally invited to dance, but of course due to the pandemic the day had to be cancelled.

However, this year, in front of all their family and their three-year-old daughter Chloe, he finally got the chance.

Amy, 31, who works at a nursery in Porthleven, naturally said yes straight away, and said she was "shocked and happy", adding that she wasn't expecting it.

Bobby drops down to one knee to propose to Amy in Lismore Gardens.

Bobby drops down to one knee to propose to Amy in Lismore Gardens.

The couple celebrated with champagne after the proposal and were congratulated by stewards and friends.

Amy's best friend Natasha McLoughlin, who was also dancing the Midday, rushed over and gave her friends a hug. Natasha's mother Eileen McLoughlin was leading the Midday Dance; she used to dance with Amy's late father Geoffrey Wakeham.


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Flora Day is a massive part of Amy's life, with her father leading and also her late grandfather Norton Wakeham. Both men were also stewards.

This was the first year that the couple danced in the Midday together. Amy has danced the Children's Dance, and the 7am and 5pm dance. She hopes one day she will be able to lead the Midday.

Bobby, Amy and their daughter Chloe.

Bobby, Amy and their daughter Chloe.

Bobby and Amy, who both live in Helston, have been together for eight years and later celebrated their engagement their family at home, with a barbecue and drinks.