A plan to knock down a "dangerous' and condemned former guest house and replace it with a two storey eco-villa has been lodged with Cornwall Council.

Mr and Mrs L Trathen want to replace the former St John's guest house in Melvill Road with a "suitable family house" for a local family.

The building is currently so dangerous it has been condemned and served with a dangerous structures notice by Cornwall Council. Work to stabilise the house was started but never completed.

The house on Melvill Road has been condemned

The house on Melvill Road has been condemned

A structural engineer's report says the former guest house, which later became an HMO, is currently uninhabitable.

“The building is currently uninhabitable," they said "as it has extensive roof leaks throughout which have rotted the floor timbers to the extent that floors are now partially collapsing," he says.

"In addition, you will be aware that Cornwall Council recently served a dangerous structures notice on the property and closed the adjoining road due to the danger of external wall collapse. A security fence was erected around the property to ensure that no persons endangered themselves by entering.


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"If you were to attempt to rent out this property you would immediately be prevented by Cornwall Council on environmental health grounds as it is clearly unfit for human habitation."

The proposal is to build a suitable low-energy eco house for a local Falmouth family.

A drawing of how the new eco-villa will look. Image SG Peglau/Cornwall Council

A drawing of how the new eco-villa will look. Image SG Peglau/Cornwall Council

The current entrance is located on the west side of Emslie Rd with a small set of steps. The applicants want an entrance from Melvill Rd similar to the other dwellings along the road. Previously an existing gate entrance with granite posts has been filled and the proposal is to form a gate entrance with steps up to the main entrance.

The proposal will replace the Edwardian merchant house as a classic villa type dwelling. The house will have two storeys with a mansard roof loft floor.