Keir Starmer has said he'll resign if he receives a fine for breaching Covid regulations.

The Leader of the Opposition has claimed he would 'do the right thing' and step down as leader of the Labour Party if he is issued with a fixed penalty notice, while also insisting that he has not broken any rules.

The Labour Party have also come out and claimed they can prove the gathering, in which those attending ate a takeaway and drank beer, occurred while staff were actively working on a campaign trip, but at this point, does that really butter anyone's parsnips?

I don't know about you, but this Skipper is absolutely sick to his stomach of hearing about politicians breaking Covid-19 regulations, either inadvertently or deliberately.

You would hope that those in a privileged position of power would be the ones leading by example, clearly that is not the case.

What does it say about the current state of politics in this country when the leaders of the two main parties have both been the subject of investigations into breaking lockdown rules?

Are they really the best we can do?

I tell you what, how about Starmer and Johnson both go? Would we be in any worse a position politically without them?

Instead of letting their respective parties and members choose their replacement, let's have a "who can go without breaking the rules the longest" contest.

I wonder how many MPs currently sitting in parliament would qualify after that?