A singer from Cornwall who sung for the G7 has announced the release of her latest single.

Daisy Clark, who performed at the G7 Leader's Summit last year, has announced the release of her brand-new single, ‘Sudden Death’ on 20 May 2022.

Sudden Death is Daisy’s first release of the year, following 2021’s ‘NYE’, ‘Front Row’ and ‘Hope It Hurts You’, and was written by Daisy, alongside Joel Baker who also produced the track.

Daisy has been described as an online phenomenon, and rising singer-songwriter.

Delving into memories of friendships gone by, and relationships which dwindle into non-existence, Sudden Death is Daisy’s personal take on complicated friendships, drawn from her own experiences.

The lyrics, 'Thought you were a tattoo on my arm,' vividly bring to life visions of friends who become strangers in the blink of an eye, and how the end of these important, and fragile relationships can fall apart, feeling like sudden death.

Daisy explained: "I was inspired by a lot of changes in my life at a particular time - I was meeting new people, making new friends and a lot of my old friends were moving to new cities and it made me nostalgic about the ups and downs of past relationships.

Falmouth Packet: Daisy ClarkDaisy Clark


"Sudden Death is a song about fragile relationships I have experienced and how friends can turn to strangers all too quickly.

"It’s both powerful and emotional and is one of my personal favourites!"

Written by Daisy, alongside Joel Baker, the pair first met over Zoom and began writing together.

Once Sudden Death was complete, they met and recorded together between Cornwall and London.

Daisy will also release a new video for Sudden Death, which she created with the help of her friend Emily Marcovecchio.

Daisy said: "We recorded on a sunny, but absolutely freezing, day in Cornwall.

"My favourite part is the stunning picnic set up with me and my 'friend'.

"The beautiful BFF cake, which is also featured in the artwork was made by my Mum!"

Daisy is also lined up for Cornwall’s Rock Oyster Festival which takes place on the Camel Estuary from 29-31 July.