A MAN who kicked his victim in the head and punched him a number of times while he was unconscious has been sentenced by a court in Cornwall.

Kyle David Thomas Stewart Watson, 22, of The Pods in Truro appeared at Truro Crown Court today (May 12) on one count of actual bodily harm (ABH).

The offence occurred outside Truro Cathedral on Monday, September 6 2021, where Watson assaulted another man.

Both Watson and his victim had been drinking and, after goading his victim, the two began to fight.

The court was shown CCTV footage of the assault in which Watson punched the victim 23 times, some of which were thrown while he was on top of him and the victim unconscious.

After getting up off his victim, Watson attempted to kick him in the head twice, one of which made contact.

Watson initially walked off but then returned to put he victim in the recovery position.

Upon their arrival, police found the victim unconscious and attempted to search his pockets for an ID, at which point he awoke but was incoherent and was lapsing in and out of consciousness.

Watson attempted to flee the scene but was later arrested and, during his interview, didn't accept the full extent of what he had done, telling the police that his victim had hit him first.

He was charged on March 4 and pleaded guilty on May 4.


The offence took place during the time period of a previous suspended sentence of 18 weeks suspended for 18 months that Watson had received on October 19 2021 for an offence of criminal damage to which he had pleaded guilty.

During his sentencing, Judge Anna Richardson told Watson that what he did "could have caused fatal injuries" and that, if that had been the case, "your life would have been effectively over."

She said: "The two of your were sparring, but you then punched him in the head, I counted 23 times, some of which were thrown while he was unconscious.

"The second time you tried to kick his head you were successful.

"You attempted to flee the scene when police arrived.

"The seriousness of what you did is aggravated by your previous convictions."

Judge Anna Richardson also noted how Watson had been making progress and engaging with order, stating that his attendance had been good as was his progress with the DRR.

Watson was given a suspended sentence of 13 months imprisonment suspended for two years, with Judge Anna Richardson telling him: "You need to continue the progress you are making.

"You have given yourself an opportunity through the progress you have made."