One of Helston's primary school headteachers is getting ready to bid farewell this year, and has already made plans for his retirement.

Parc Eglos’s headmaster Brett Dye will retire at the end of the school year, after working at the school for nearly 15 years.

Mr Dye took on the role in 2008, and then decided to start working part-time alongside Jayne Banner in September, but now he knows the time is right to hand over full headship to Jayne.

Brett, who lives in Marazion with his wife, said: “I felt ready to move on because I just felt the school had to be in the right place, and now it is.”

One of the most difficult times for Brett was when the government announced all primary schools were to shut due to the severity of the Covid pandemic.

He went on to thank the community for their support at the time, and all the help with the online learning.

Brett has enjoyed building his staff and pupils’ confidence up, and seeing staff members progress in their careers.

One member of staff who joined the school around the same time is Katie Cotterill, who teaches year three at the school and is now also the assistant head. She has seen her career develop after starting work at Parc Eglos for teaching practice, before going on to become a qualified primary school teacher.

Katie said that Brett “inspires people."


Brett and assistand head Katie Cotterill.

Brett and assistand head Katie Cotterill.


It’s not only other staff and pupils at the school who have praised Brett for his kindness and compassion. On Katie’s wedding day in 2017, her father dedicated part of his speech for Brett and said how it "was rare to find someone who inspires you."

A mum of one of the pupils at Parc Eglos said: “Since my son has started at Parc Eglos, he has had nothing but support from Brett and his staff – you can tell they have a close family type bond, and they always make sure the pupils' priorities are put first.”


Brett taking an assembly with the pupils.

Brett taking an assembly with the pupils.


Now that Brett has decided to retire, at the amazing age of 70, he will pass the baton onto Jayne, who will take on the headteacher role from July.

Jayne, who started teaching at the school in 2015, said: “I met Brett when he was looking for a deputy, and I wanted to work along with him. He is just amazing.”

Jayne also went on to say: "I have learnt everything from Brett to be in the position I am now."

With his retirement date approaching, Brett has already decided what he wants to do when he retires.

As an avid tennis player he plays for a Penzance club, and also enjoys cycling and bodyboarding.

He and his wife also have plans for an allotment so they can grow vegetables, and spending time with his six grandchildren when they come to visit.

Brett added that the couple would just like to stop and enjoy "a bit more of what Cornwall has to offer."