TWO "ambitious young tykes" are celebrating this week after purchasing a popular Penryn eating establishment to expand their business.

Business partners Ollie Oliver Growcott-Smith and Jake Heslip are proprietors of the Windjammer Cafe and Bar in Falmouth but now say they are "super excited" to announce the purchase of the lease for the Muddy Beach in Penryn.

They will be opening it under their  management at the beginning June, saying you can now you can enjoy some of their "Jammer" favourites in more than one place.

"Because we're ambitious young tykes we bought it because we believe what we do is good myself and Jake have always wanted more than one," Ollie told the Packet. "Essentially Windjammer started up during the pandemic, it has gone very well. We've put our heart and soul into it and we've worked very hard and we believe we can transfer a lot of what we do here to the Muddy Beach and believe it will be very successful."


The Windjammer is taking over Muddy Beach

The Windjammer is taking over Muddy Beach


Windjammer will stay as Muddy Beach an will still be the same name and branding. They are doing minor refurbishments and will be closed for a week putting new bits of equipment in, having a bit of a paint and tidy up with brand new menus in terms of the offerings that will be available and the aim once they are fully staffed is they will open 9am until late seven days a week.

"The aim is take all the best bits that we know work, take them up there make things a little bit more refined up there as we're bit more relaxed down here.

"The Muddy Beach will still have the same logo, same name with just our eagerness and our enthusiasm behind it."


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The Muddy Beach will close for it's week long refurbishment on May 23 and are aiming to reopen on May 30 ready for the school holidays and jubilee weekend.

"We are both super excited," said Ollie. "You get that little nervousness when there is still a lot of stuff to do during a very busy time but we are both super excited to bring what we do to Penryn."

The former owners of the lease of Muddy Beach Cafe, the Christian family, revealed back in November they were selling up after six successful years.