A CORNWALL man who pleaded guilty to harassment and criminal damage has been jailed by a court in Cornwall.

Christopher C. Clarke, 40, of Fore Street in St Dennis appeared at Truro Crown Court on Friday, May 20 on one charge of causing fear of violence through harassment and one charge of criminal damage.

The offences took place back in 2020 when, in July, Clarke's relationship with his then partner broke down.

The court heard how Clarke believed that it had been his partner's mother that was responsible for the breakdown in the relationship and begun a 'campaign of harassment.'

It was described to the court how messages were sent by Clarke at all hours of the day and night and included telling her "ring the police because you will need them," as well as calling her a "thick b***h," warning her to "be very careful," and telling her "I'm going to f*****g destroy you."

Clarke's harassment also extended to making references to her family, in which he made jokes about her recently deceased brother and homophobic remarks about her grandson.

He also posted harassing messages about the family on his former partner's Facebook wall.

In February of 2021, a hammer was thrown at the victim's door that was later revealed to have Clarke's DNA on it.

Clarke pleaded guilty to both offences in January 2022.

A statement from the victim was read out to the court in which she said: "This situation has gone on for a long time and I've changed as a person.

"I don't go out at all on my own.

"If I hear a noise outside I jump up to see what's happening.

"I also need walking to help with my mental health and not being able to do that has impacted me."

After being arrested, Clarke was interviewed by police and denied throwing the hammer at the door, saying that the situation was 'tit for tat.'

The court was also made aware of Clarke's previous convictions for harassment in 2006, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Clarke's defence described his behaviour as being "a burst of behaviour in response to the relationship breakdown" and told the court how he hadn't offended since his last conviction and was now in stable accommodation.

When sentencing Clarke, Judge Stephen Carr told the defendant how the relationship was described as 'coercive and controlling,' saying: "In your own warped view of the world, she (the victim) was responsible for the relationship coming to an end.

When describing the messages Clarke sent, Judge Carr said: "The sheer number is extraordinary and would have been terrifying to anyone receiving them.

"Life for you revolves around you and you alone.

"You show no remorse at all, that's what you do."

Clarke was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and made the subject of a restraining order for five years.