A small deer trapped by the incoming tide was rescued by a family who spotted it while swimming.

As the Raffield family was swimming in the sea off Maenporth in Falmouth, they spotted a pair of eyes looking out of a cave, as the tide was coming in.

They realised it was a small deer that appeared to have fallen down the cliff.

With time running out, as the tide steadily came in, risking the cave being left underwater, the family worked to encourage the deer out and into the water with them.

After quite a swim by the deer, dad Tom Raffield and son Bear carried the creature up the cliffs to the grass above.


Passersby Matt and his partner then stayed with the deer, while the cafe team at Life's A Beach Maenporth were alerted.

They contacted Tessa Marie, environmental and education enforcement officer at Falmouth Town Council, who rushed over to help.

Tessa said: "Due to the quick thinking of locals and the cafe staff, calls were made and Gill from British Divers Marine Life Rescue arrived at the scene and carefully crated the deer to be taken to a local vet, and then onto Last Chance Wildlife Rescue.

"I am personally so proud of all the people of Falmouth and the team at the café for the kindness and care of this wonderful creature. They were all absolutely amazing."