After two years My Chemical Romance finally made it to Cornwall and the Eden Project – and despite New Jersey frontman Gerard Way complaining about the cold (it wasn't) they received a warm welcome.

Initially scheduled for June 2020, their appearance has been a long time coming – almost as long as this review, in fact. Let us hope that, like the gig, it is worth the wait.

Last Tuesday was in fact the original postponed date, with an extra Monday performance added on last year, such was the rush for tickets way back at the start.

This fact was not lost on Gerard, who noted that these were the "hardcore fans" who got in there early – a point the gathered fans thoroughly agreed with.

MCR began with a track from their new album, The Foundations of Decay – always a bold move, but given the levels of excitement they couldn't really lose.

It was then straight into Helena and we were on more familiar territory.

One of the band's most iconic – and mainstream – songs, Welcome To The Black Parade came surprisingly early in the set list, but garnered the expected roars of approval.

These were indeed hardcore fans though, and less famous album tracks received the same response.

The Biomes lit up at Eden  Picture: Emma Ferguson

The Biomes lit up at Eden Picture: Emma Ferguson

For what was likely to be the first time back to live music since the pandemic, for many people there, it was a chilled gig with extended periods of frenzied head banging, if that's not an oxymoron.

What is so great about Eden is there is such a good natured feel – events there always feel very safe.

And in the same vein, it was wonderful to see such open expressions of individuality from those attending.

Another of the band's most well known hits, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), was left to the encore – and we really weren't, upon realising that our 90 minutes was almost up.

Fortunately there was one more track still to come, in The Kids From Yesterday.

Frontman Gerard Way belting out a hit  Picture: Lauren Duck

Frontman Gerard Way belting out a hit Picture: Lauren Duck

The encore also featured a live debut of Mastas of Ravencroft, as well as Headfirst for Halos, the first time it has been heard live since 2009, with the setlist also including The Ghost of You for the first time live since 2011, along with Cemetery Drive and The Only Hope for Me Is You for the first time since 2012.

However, perhaps it was because for a few hours I felt like one again, but it was Teenagers that I had going round my head in the days afterwards.