Officers remain at Davidstow Moor this morning responding to an illegal rave which is still ongoing.

Police are continuing to ask the public to adhere to safety messaging and not to attend the event on Davidstow Moor. 

They say a "significant number of specialist police resources" have been sent to moor, where they continue to work to shut down a rave.

Devon and Cornwall Police have issued an update following reports of an "illegal gathering" on Friday night.

The force said officers had been at the site near Camelford since around 10pm Friday, June 3 and remained there now, working to "safely manage the ongoing situation."

A police spokesperson said: “The event is currently covering quite a large area and we believe there are several hundred people in attendance.

“A number of people have left this morning and others attempting to enter have been turned away.

“In the interest of public safety, we are asking anyone thinking about attending the event not to do so.

“I would like to reassure the local communities and wider public that we are taking this matter seriously and where appropriate, we will seek to action against those attending and running the event.”

There is currently a police cordon in place around the site and a number of local roads in the area until further notice.

There is heavy traffic and travel disruption around Camelford and other areas, with motorists warned to expect delays and urged to avoid the area.

One Packet reader said he had no sleep last night and the music showed no signs of stopping.

Chris Willars wrote: "Despite the police having 'attended the incident' since 10pm last night the music (banging racket) is now louder than ever.

"What 'negotiating' are the police actually doing? Having called them three times no information is forthcoming.

"Camelford and its surrounds have had NO SLEEP last night and likely this will go on all today and tonight!"

Devon and Cornwall Police first put out a warning just after 2am today (Saturday), warning people not to attend and saying that roads around the area were "gridlocked", with limited access for emergency services.

A force spokesman said at the time: “Our concerns are both for the people in attendance and the impact on the local community.

“We are currently at the scene working with members of the public to bring about closing the event down.

“Local roads are currently gridlocked and there is limited access for emergency vehicles to attend should they be needed."