SOURCE FM have put out an appeal to find their Park Live banners after they were ripped from their place on railings.

The blue banners advertising the local radio station's monthly cultural and music events in the Kimberley Park were pulled off the park railings sometime over the weekend.

The station which is putting on a platinum jubilee event in the park this afternoon, said the banners were quite expensive to replace and appealed to people to keep an eye open for them saying the incident had been reported to the police.

Posting on Facebook, Source FM said: "Sadly the Parklive banners have been ripped from the railings at Kimberley Park.They are quite expensive to replace so please keep an eye out in case they have been dumped somewhere. Please let us know if you know anything about the theft as police are being informed."

The vandalism follows a spate of anti-social behaviour in the area. Late last month it was reported that sharpened cans and broken glass was left in the children's play area and the owner of The Corner Shop, Haidi Ocampo, 49, from the Philippines suffered "awful racist abuse" whilst at work.

The jubilee event in the park kicks off at 2pm this afternoon, weather permitting, with live music and people invited to bring a picnic.