A cycling campaign is organising a leisurely bike ride to take place around Falmouth as part of National Bike Week.

At 6pm on Wednesday, June 8 Falmouth and Penryn Cycling Campaign are hosting a ride that will begin from the Moor and will proceed through the town before ending with a sociable drink.

Calum, an organiser with Falmouth Cycling Campaign, said: “Falmouth is full of people who want to cycle, but don’t feel safe or empowered on the roads, we are riding to give people confidence and to show our local politicians that there is untapped demand for safe cycling infrastructure. A safe cycle network will cut traffic, make our streets more pleasant places, and reduce carbon emissions.

"We need Cornwall Council to move faster on this, it is now two years since so many people rediscovered the joy of cycling on quiet streets during lockdown.”

Cyclists of all all abilities are encouraged and welcome to attend and show their support. In addition on Saturday, June 11 local cycling groups will be holding a space on the Moor for people to try an electric bike or try some bike maintenance.

Plans are afoot for a local e-bike rental scheme, there are plans for improved infrastructure for cyclists between Falmouth and Penryn and a ‘Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan’ is being developed for the area.

This plan will see five identified areas where the need to increase permeability and improve safety for pedestrians is essential these are; the Falmouth Town Centre,the area around Penmere Railway Station,the area around Bickland Business Park,the Penryn Town Centre, and the area around Kernick Industrial Estate for more information visit here.

Jo, a supporter of the campaign, said: "We are in a climate crisis and cutting car journeys is one of the things we have to do to ensure a safe future for our children. Riding my bike to the shops and to drop the kids at school is something I can do to make a difference, but I don’t want to have to risk my life on the roads to do it.”