Stithians FC who play in the Trelawney Premier League and have a side in Trelawney Division Three have issued a plea for new players as well as a Reserves team manager ahead of the upcoming 2022/23 season.

Training and matches take place at the Stithians showground with the side residing at the Seven Stars pub in Stithians for the clubhouse.

But the side's chairman Billy Pellow admitted there was a genuine risk of his side losing his second team altogether if they can't fill a squad. Speaking to the Packet: "I feel proud of myself and the first team for staying in the Trelawney Premiership.

"It has come at a bad time for us and any club. Most clubs are settled, most players are settled I knew it was hard to get players. Nobody wants to lose a team.

"We have got some players who have agreed to sign on again if there is a second team. The players that have left made it clear they didn't want to stay for whatever reason. We have about nine players at the moment, that's if we get 15 players able to play.

When asked what he is looking for in a reserves team manager Pellow said:

"Someone who can manage! Management skills should be the same if you're managing a first team or any team, you have got to be able hug some players and give other players a shouting.

"You have to have that understanding that the team they are coming into manage are also supporting the first team."

Any interested players should contact Billy via phone at 07790271530