At last! A festival I can really get behind. After two years of being held virtually, the International Sea Shanty Festival is set to return to Falmouth next month.

The pandemic has been an absolute disaster for events and festivals over the past two years and to hear that we'll finally be able to get together in person and enjoy ourselves at one of the best nautical music festivals going is music to my ears.

That being said, organisers are also now confident that they have a winning combination of both new and existing venues to ensure both audience enjoyment and safety.

I also hear there's going to be new venues that include the bandstand and gardens of the Princess Pavilion, Falmouth Rugby Club, The Cornish Bank and The Boathouse pub, which should help to spread merriment around the town.

Alongside us all having a great time, this year's Sea Shanty festival has also seen the Falmouth RNLI selected as its chosen charity, meaning that our spending will be going to a good cause.

The festival is set to kick off on Saturday, June 18 and this skipper is looking forward to seeing you all there, through my one good eye, mind.

It's also a lovely change, I might add, to be writing about a festival we can all enjoy, as opposed to a pernicious government or an incompetent opposition.

What? You didn't think I'd ignored them completely, did you?