A FALMOUTH man whose victim suffered a bleed on the brain after the assault has been sentenced by a court in Cornwall.

Jason Kevin Hart, 27, of Glasney Road in Falmouth appeared in front of Truro Magistrates Court on Friday, June 17 on one count of inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent.

The incident occurred on July 22, 2021 in Penryn where the victim and a colleague had travelled to.

On the evening of July 22, the victim and another person were walking back to where they were staying when they came across Hart smoking out of his window.

A verbal confrontation began and, eventually, Hart left the property he was in to confront the victim and their colleague.

After a short confrontation, punches were thrown by both parties and the victim staggered back towards a street railing.

It was at this point that Hart punched his victim with such force that he fell backwards, hitting his head on the concrete pavement.

Hart then kicked the victim in their ribs before being led away by someone else inside the property.

A family who were passing by came across the victim and a member of the family applied first aid.

Falmouth Packet: Jason Kevin Hart, 27, of Glasney Road in FalmouthJason Kevin Hart, 27, of Glasney Road in Falmouth

Police arrived a short time after and found them laying on the floor, the court also heard how he had been bleeding from his head and, at times, was struggling to breathe.

After being examined by doctors, it was found that the victim had a bleed on the brain.

When police arrested Hart he admitted to the assault and was reported to have asked: "Is he alive?" as well as "Mate, I hold my hands up to it all."

He also told police that he had been so drunk at the time that he couldn't remember much.

Hart pleaded guilty to the offence.

When sentencing Hart, Judge Simon Carr told the defendant: "Instead of remaining in your house, you left your house and confronted the people you felt insulted you.

"What was verbal became physical.

"You struck him with such force that he fell backwards and struck his head on the concrete.

"You didn't leave it there, you went over and kicked him in the ribs.

"The effect on the victim was potentially catastrophic.

"To suggest that this was spontaneous or short-lived would be to misuse the English language."

Hart was handed down 15 months imprisonment and, upon his release, will be on licence for 12 months.