This week's episode of Devon and Cornwall paid a visit to Falmouth Harbour.

Friends Gary Aldington and Nick Spencer love speedboats but knew nothing about racing. However, that didn't stop them going for gold in their first competition.

With footage of sailing boats of all shapes and sizes and the town introduced as "the deepest natural harbour in Europe", the show opened with the pair of powerboaters putting Gary's 1980s Kohaku through its paces.

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Mechanic Gary said: "I came here on holiday to Falmouth when I was probably 10, 11, and I used to watch the racing when they had it at Falmouth, and I remember seeing boats like this Phantom and just thinking, you know, I want to be there, I want to do that.

"It's got the right engine on, it's the right boat, I want to live that childhood dream. I don't want the new boat with the new engine, I just want to do it my way and do it old school.

"Living the 80s dream, that's for sure isn't it?"

Later in the show, shown on Friday night, it returned to Gary and best friend Nick at the start of the race in Torquay.

Achingly close to winning on the first day after taking the lead with the finish line in sight, Kohaku's engine gives out and they're forced out of the race, but they remained optimistic for the next day.

And it wasn't misplaced. With the help of gaffer tape and cable ties, Gary and Nick found a solution to their engine woes and got the boat back in the game for day two. After a great start the duo managed to get the win they were hoping for.

After the race, Gary said: "It just all came together. So, yesterday was a bitter disappointment but also we knew there was a chance if it all held together we'd got the pace."

To round off the fairytale ending to the event, they also won the Conchord D'Elegance award for the best looking boat in the competition.

Falmouth Packet: Woodsman John Williamson and 10-year-old daughter Betsy. Picture: Channel 4Woodsman John Williamson and 10-year-old daughter Betsy. Picture: Channel 4

The fourth episode of series five of the show also featured owner of the Star Castle Hotel on the Isles of Scilly, Robert Francis, and woodsman John Williamson with his 10-year-old daughter Betsy, attempting to revive the lost tradition of making stave baskets in the Teign Valley.