An 'innovative' waste management company has teamed up with a popular surf festival to turn its waste into furniture and fixtures.

Under a new sponsorship agreement announced today, MYGroup will collect and sort plastic waste from this year’s Boardmasters Festival, taking place in Cornwall from 10–14 August, before transforming it into furniture and fixtures for next year’s event.

MYGroup will collect plastic waste disposed of across the site of Cornwall’s own surfing and music festival, set to see a footfall of 220,000 over the course of the event this year.

After collecting plastic from the site in 15 x 1000 litre palette boxes supplied to Boardmasters, MYGroup will manage the sorting and transportation of the waste back to its state-of-the-art processing facilities.

From here, the waste will be re-manufactured into picnic benches and signage by MYGroup’s ground-breaking ‘ReFactory’ team, ready to be supplied for the 2023 Boardmasters event.

ReFactory transforms all plastic waste back into supply chains or re-manufactures it into new products – from fixtures and fittings for commercial, event and community spaces, to children’s furniture and fashion accessories.

The fixtures to be manufactured for the 2023 Boardmasters Festival will be made from 'Stormboard,' a composite material similar in texture to plywood, created in-house by MYGroup solely from the processing of plastic waste.


Steven Carrie, Director, MYGroup, said: "Boardmasters' journey to put on an ever-greener event each year makes it a natural fit for our own "zero landfill" mission and operations, so we’re delighted to kick off this exciting partnership.

"Our on-site activities and ReFactory transformation will help the event take an even greater step forward with its commitment to sustainability, and we hope to continue working together in the years to come."

Lynsey Wollaston, Managing Director, Boardmasters Festival, added: "MyGroup’s mission resonates with our own sustainability ethos at Boardmasters, as we are continually searching for new and creative ways to reduce our environmental impact.

"In addition to our daily beach cleans and ban on single-use plastics, a certain level of non-recyclable waste remains a challenge, and with MyGroup’s partnership we have an impactful solution.

"Thanks to MyGroup, our sustainability pledge will take a step further, ensuring more of those traditionally "non-recyclable" plastics are cleverly re-purposed, finding a new life at the

Boardmasters Festival in the future.

"This innovative initiative is progress we are very proud to support this summer and for the future."

For the last 20 years, Boardmasters has partnered with Surfers Against Sewage, a marine and conservation charity dedicated to the protection of the ocean, beaches and wildlife – an organisation which MyGroup has also recently collaborated on its own beach cleaning initiatives.