A YOUNG man from Helston has been jailed after committing a string of offences while in the operational period of a community order.

Levi Elliott Williams, 22, of Olivers Terrace in Helston, appeared in front of magistrates at Truro Magistrates' Court on Thursday, June 16 on one count of driving whilst disqualified, one count of driving without third-party insurance, two counts of driving a vehicle with a proportion of a specified controlled drug above the specified limit, one count of failing to stop a mechanically propelled vehicle when required by constable or traffic warden.

The offences occurred in November of 2021 in Helston on Newham Lane where Williams was found to have driven a grey VW Golf while disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence, without third party insurance and whilst also having levels of cocaine and cannabis above the specified limit.

He also failed to stop when directed to do so.

Williams pleaded guilty to all of the offences which all occurred whilst he was still serving two community orders, the first for the offences of drug driving and possession of cannabis that had been made back in January and then for criminal damage and driving whilst disqualified which had been made back in April.

During his sentencing, Williams was re-sentenced for the original offences that he appeared in court for back in January, as well as for his most recent offending.

The community order that had been in force since then was also revoked.

Williams was committed to prison for 26 weeks and was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for five years and 91 days and had his driving record endorsed.

He was also made to pay a surcharge to fund victim services of £128 as well as pay costs of £85 to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The court noted how the offences had been aggravated by the fact that there were passengers in the vehicle, Williams had drugs in his system whilst driving to an unacceptable standard as well as establishing a pattern of similar offending by committing further offences whilst disqualified from driving and, by doing so, showing a blatant disregards of court orders.

It was also noted that Williams' guilty plea had been taken into account when imposing the sentence, however, due to the reasons listed above, only a custodial sentence applied.