A PENSIONER who breached a sexual harm prevention order by being found in possession of over 500 images of child abuse has been sentenced today.

Alan Henry Barclay, 86, of Fenwick Road in Falmouth appeared at Truro Crown Court today (June 24) after breaching a sexual harm prevention order that had been placed on him in June of 2021.

Barclay had been found to be in possession of extreme pornographic images and making indecent images of children when the sexual harm prevention order was put into place.

The order prevented him from using a computer or devices capable of connecting to the internet.

In March of 2022, he was visited by an offender manager in an unannounced visit to his address in Falmouth as had been done five times previously.

The court heard how, on each occasion, the offender manager had reiterated the conditions of the sexual harm prevention order to Barclay.

When a search of the property was conducted, a tower PC was found connected to the internet in a hidden office space which Barclay had not disclosed on previous visits.

When examined, the tower PC indicated positive for indecent material.

Other devices capable of connecting to the internet were also found.

A sample revealed a large quantity of children being abused which included 285 videos and 64 images of Category A- the most severe category of child abuse.

The Category A images and videos show adults committing penetrative sex acts with children.

Barclay also had 38 videos and 35 images of Category B and 14 videos and 112 images of Category C.

Officers then returned to his address and arrested him.

In his police interview, Barclay claimed that the offences should have been discovered by police when they first took his computer away in 2018.

He was told that he'd had four years to tell the police or dispose of the images and hadn't taken the opportunity to do so.

During his sentencing, Judge Simon Carr told Barclay: "You pleaded guilty to the possession of a substantial amount of child pornography.

"During a search a large amount of child abuse imagery was found.

"Throughout that time, you knew perfectly well that you had a substantial stash of child abuse images that the police had not found.

"There's only one possible explanation for that.

"You hoped to imply to the court that you were offending less than you were.

"Eventually, your house was searched and the images were found.

"It was only then that the extent of your offending became apparent.

"You lied to police each time they sad to you 'is there anything we need to know about in your property?'

"The court, in effect, was misled to the extent of your offending.

"I'm perfectly clear that only a custodial sentence is appropriate."

Barclay was sentenced to a total of 21 months imprisonment.