Confirmation has been given that a previously suspected case of foot and mouth disease in Norfolk has been cleared of any concern.

Defra has said that following official testing at the UK national reference laboratory, the UK Chief Veterinary Officer has negated suspicion of foot and mouth disease in pigs at a farm near Feltwell, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Norfolk.

The 10 km Temporary Control Zone (foot and mouth disease), declared at 10pm on Thursday, was subsequently revoked at 7pm last night.

It had prevented anyone from moving any susceptible animal into or out of the temporary control zone, or from or to premises within the temporary control zone, except under very strict exceptions.

However, Christine Middlemiss, the UK's chief veterinary officer, has said: "There is still ongoing investigation into other vesicular disease of pigs, so the 10km FMD (foot and mouth disease) restriction zone will be replaced by a similar one applying only to pigs."

Foot and mouth disease affects cloven-hoofed animals including:




It doesn’t affect humans.

The last outbreak in Great Britain was in 2007.