Calls for a pedestrian bridge at the crossing where a woman lost her life yesterday have been supported by more than 1,300 people in less than 24 hours.

It follows a fatal collision involving a Volkswagen van and a 33-year-old woman on the A39, between Treliever roundabout and Kernick Road Industrial Estate Penryn, at around 9.35am on Friday.

It was reported locally that the collision involved the crossing between Kingston Way and the Tremough Campus.


A petition has now been set up by Helen Worthington, calling for better safety measures at the location.

She wrote: "A young woman's life was tragically robbed as the result of a fatal road traffic accident on the A39 between Asda and Treliever Roundabout. This should not have happened.

"This crossing is used often by local walkers, cyclists, young children with their parents and students and staff of the university.

"The road is a busy main road, and the crossing is the only convenient way to access the campus from the village and vice versa. Many who use it do so not only to access the campus but to use it as a convenient, safe and quick route into Penryn.

"There are no markings on the road to alert either pedestrians or pedestrian crossing, nor are there signs alerting the crossing (other than a simple island), and the uphill approach from oncoming traffic obscures the view.

"There is not a reduced speed limit. The volume of growth from the surrounding trees and greenery further obscures the approach of any walkers.

"This is not the first time an accident has brought risk and harm to life at that location.

"Please sign this petition to support the proposal for the installation of a pedestrian bridge (or equivalent crossing) to ensure the safety of all who use the crossing on a daily basis."

You can sign the petition here:

More than 1,300 have signed the petition by 11am Saturday, with many explaining their reasons.

One person wrote: "I'm signing because I crossed this road, at this place, with my son and grandson a while ago. My grandson, and his mum or dad, has to cross this route twice a day to get to and from school. It's not a safe crossing."

There were many sharing similar concerns about family members, with another person writing: "My daughter lives in Mabe with my five grandchildren, they cross in this exact place regularly, I do too when I visit.

"It is very dangerous with no 'safe' way to cross. The cars seem unaware that people may be crossing. One has to wait and almost chance themselves to cross."

Another wrote: "Always thought this crossing an accident waiting to happen and now it tragically has. Easily bridged, sort it."

And a further person agreed: "It's a dangerously terrible place for a crossing. It should have been a condition for planning permission when the housing estate was first developed/built, to put a bridge over to make a safe route across the road.

"This is very sad news and unfortunately something which was foreseen by many. Tragic."