One of two women helped from a burning house last week has thanked the community and emergency services for what they did.

Daiva Grigelyte was at the house in Queensway, Hayle on Friday last week, carrying out her duties as carer to its 97-year-old resident, when the devastating blaze broke out.

Significant damage was caused to the house as a result of the flames, and Daiva was burnt as she tried to keep the elderly woman safe.

Both were supported by members of the public who rushed to the scene to help, including Adam Capon and Gordon Corr, who helped dragged both the women out of the house and carry them onto the grass.

Also involved in the rescue were Carrie Anne Daly, Debbie McDonald and Carey Bal, who was praised for her quick-thinking actions of pushing the 97-year-old woman further up the hill to safety, away from the fire and heavy smoke, before alerting the neighbour next door and then coming back to organise the carrying of Daiva, who was injured.


Daiva said she now wanted to thank everyone for their efforts, telling the Packet: "I am a carer who was that morning in the house and I helped my client who is 97 years old.

"I appreciate the ladies taking me away as I couldn't move any more. They also didn't leave me while the ambulance came."

She also thanked them for calling the ambulance, as well as a nurse at the scene who helped taking care of her burned skin, adding: "My gratitude goes to her."

Daiva went on to add: "There was a lady who was squatting behind me, talking and holding my hand. And another lady stayed in front of me, keeping talking to me.

"All what they did is beyond measure and I am very grateful to them.

"I want especially say thank you to the ambulance team who helped me with electric shock."

Cornwall Air Ambulance landed at the scene, but in the event Daiva was taken to hospital by road.

Six fire engines were sent to the scene, with the two-storey building described as being "fully involved in fire."

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service advised people at the time to keep their windows and doors closed, and to avoid the area.

A fire investigation was due to be carried out last weekend, the result of which is not known.