The organiser of the petition for a safer road crossing on the A39 following the death of a woman pedestrian has issued an update as the number of signatures approach 3,000.

Helen Worthington said it had been "overwhelming and moving" watching the volume of responses coming in and the personal comments people have shared.

The follows a fatal collision involving a Volkswagen van and a 33-year-old woman on the A39, between Treliever roundabout and Kernick Road Industrial Estate Penryn, at around 9.35am on Friday. The collision happened at the crossing between Kingston Way and the Tremough Campus.


Petition calling for safe road crossing after fatal collision reaches 2,500 signatures

Writing on Facebook she said: "It has been both overwhelming and moving to watch the volume of responses coming in," she said "and the personal comments people have shared, noting their support, concern, urgency and sense of justice for lives lost on this road, both recent and historic.

"At some point, I am hopeful the range of views can be shared with you all as a reflection of the collective voice of the community.

"Having looked at the data so far (although it would need a professional analyst to sift through it accurately), the majority of responses are unsurprisingly from residents of Cornwall. Over a third of signatures are from the immediate local parishes of Mabe, Penryn and Falmouth. Support however has been extended to the community from all parts of the county, as well as throughout the UK and Europe.

"Whilst it is the local community and those who use the road that would benefit directly from any action, the lives for whom this issue bears significance, evidently lie beyond our immediate boundaries. Support has poured in from Georgia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

"It can sometimes be difficult to have conversations that involve differing opinions about boundaries, finances and safety. In this case, the overwhelming majority view is of the reality that something must be done to prevent any further lives being lost."

You can sign the petition at: