A Mullion artist has used her skills to create a mural to represent the village way of life where she lives.

After losing all of her work in a fire that took place in Krowji in Redruth, May 2021, Cresia Ta' Torin has learnt a lot over the last year about community spirit and has helped her to grow in strength.

She has been working hard to complete her second book, "The Intimate Terrorist and The Night Fever," which is now getting its last checks before it goes to print.

Cresia has worked closely with her cohort of creative leaders with the aim of becoming a new creative leader in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

She said: “We are putting together new project ideas and concepts of where we would like to take the creative economy in Cornwall.

"At the moment we are building our values, as a new forming organisation in the very beginning of its process we want to start with the right values, allowing us to of better support for our fellow creative practitioners around us in Cornwall."

How to form connections and building community is something Cerisia is very passionate about, so she said street art was the way to go.

Cresias mural artwork on the wall on Tregullas Road in Mullion.

Cresia's mural artwork on the wall on Tregullas Road in Mullion.

"Over the last year I have watched how caring people are the heart of forming communities. I started to think about what makes a community and how do we all coexist together within one. This was the beginning thought process of my design.

"But it’s not just about people it’s about the landscape, the beautiful raw and rugged lifestyle that we share here together.

"I love my little village and I’m very proud to be here in Mullion, and I wanted to give the locals something to look at that represent where we live.

"I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to put in because the wall wasn’t long enough, so I do apologise to all the horse riders that pass by, but the farmers made the final cut!"

Cresia's mural art work can be found along Tregellas Road in Mullion.