HELSTON Rotary Club have celebrated the handing over of a new presidency.

On Thursday the club hosted their meeting at the Paris Hotel, Coverack for the handing over of the presidency.

It saw Amanda Boxer perform her final duties as president, a role she has held for two years.

This has been carried out during a difficult time for the club during the Covid pandemic, and she gave an emotional speech in which she summarised the events which occurred during her term of office.

As her final official duty, Amanda presented Linda Dunford with a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of the work which she has done during the last two years as club secretary, keeping all the members in contact with each other and the club going as a viable organisation.


Amanda Boxer presents Linda Dunford with Paul Harris Fellowship

Amanda Boxer presents Linda Dunford with Paul Harris Fellowship


Incidentally, Linda was the first female member of the club and Amanda was the first female president; the club now has four female members.

The new president of the club, Graham Cosslette, is a former local government planner who now works for ShelterBox.

He told those present that he won’t be instigating any radical changes to the organisation of the club, because as he said: “If it aint broke, don’t fix it."

Amanda was presented with a bouquet by Tim Grattan Kane, a former president of the club and now Helston town mayor, as a small token of her appreciation from the club members who recognised that she has conducted her period of office "with grace, dignity, and compassion".