The organisers of a Cornwall Balloon and Tunes Festival have defended themselves after punters claimed the event was "overpriced", "massively disappointing" and that the balloons didn't even fly

Organisers of the event at Stithians Showground over the weekend said no one was more disappointed at the chain of events than they were and they had offered people free entry on the Sunday to compensate.

People complained that on Saturday the event, which cost just over £30 for a family ticket, was a waste of money and a big let-down. Unfavourable weather conditions meant the balloons did not fly that day. One upset customer even compared the event to a famous episode of the iconic sitcom Father Ted.

In statement given to Cornwall Live on Sunday and passed to the Packet, the organisers, Cornwall Balloons & Tunes Festival and Rowlands Fun Fair, said: "No one is more upset than us, that the pilots could not get the balloons up in the air. They tried repeatedly to get the balloons up. The balloons cost us £25,000 - if the balloons don't fly, we don't get our money back. Customer safety is paramount. Safety has to come first. There was lots of free entertainment provided throughout the day to keep visitors occupied, however we completely feel the disappointment felt over the balloons. We wish we could control the weather."

The spokesperson said the company had taken on board feedback and offered free entry on the Sunday with some free entertainment

Saturday's event led to a raft of bad reviews being left on the festival's website. One disappointed attendee said: “Basically paying to enter a fun fair that then charges again for the rides. Not at all as advertised, very poor and no balloons inflated. Don’t waste your money."

Martyn Evans said: “For what you paid you saw bog all. Highly disappointed and a waste of money. Nothing can be done about the balloons but the rest was a big let down. Only saw two characters despite ten being advertised, long delays in between singers, no more entertainment and shocking prizes for the rides.”

One attendee Amanda Datson said the event reminded her of the episode of Father Ted when they went to Craggy Island Fun Land. “Everything was at further cost apart from circus skills which was a small area with hula hoops a unicycle and a pair of stilts. None of the advertised characters walking around and no live music. One balloon tried to inflate but failed, weather was good with a 12 mph breeze. Reminded me of an episode of Father Ted when they went to Craggy Island Fun Land.”

Clare Bray described the event as: “Massively disappointing".


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But not everyone felt the same way, Sarah Moore Jose, writing on Sunday, said: "Fab family day out, music was good, food was good and the kids had an amazing time. Prices were acceptable with recent inflation and staff were polite and helpful. Was a shame the balloons didn’t go up but could see that they tried and typical Cornish weather let them down! Definitely return again.

While Rose G Ibson wrote: “I feel obliged to write a review because we had a brilliant time- kids loved every second, bands were fantastic and the balloons were really cool. Every single member of staff was an absolute joy.”