As one shop closes in Helston, a new hybrid events space opens - and its owner says she hopes to "put Helston back on the map."

There have been a lot of questions about what is happening in 42 Coinagehall Street over the past few months, and over the weekend owner Rachel Seely announced on her Facebook page more information in regard to the premises, including a website and an Instagram profile, which are both still a work-in-progress.

In the past, the building has homed businesses such as BeGorgeous hair salon, before it moved further up the road, and more recently Kith and Kin, a clothing and accessories shop.

Now named 42 TheLivingRoom, Rachel hopes that the space will be used for creativity, musical events, storytelling, accommodation, workshops, and the chance for the public to enjoy food and drinks.

So far, Rachel has created a rough template on what she would like to happen when the business hopes to open in August this year.

She said: "Nestled in the centre of Helston, 42 TheLivingRoom is a hybrid event space for one and all, offering a cornucopia of entertainment centred around community.


Falmouth Packet: There will be live music and other events at the new hybrid events premisesThere will be live music and other events at the new hybrid events premises

"Through a variety of events, from supper clubs to story nights, from food to music, our mission is to create a place where people can enjoy intimate and fun occasions.

"The space will be a labyrinth of different rooms both in the house and garden, creating a vibe to hang out and meet friends old and new."

On Fridays a supper club is the aim, as a social space for guests to come and enjoy. And on Saturdays she hopes to bring in the younger generation with cocktails, finishing the weekend with a Sunday a brunch club.

There will be plenty of new decor

There will be plenty of new decor

There will be also a variety of comedy, poetry, and folk music nights.  

Rachel, who lives above the shop with her son, says although it’s still a work in progress she is getting there.

She aims to bring people back together and hopes that this will be a place for people to meet up, and new friendships formed, but ultimately – to put Helston back on the map.

There will be opening events happening over the summer once Rachel has completed building works and decor, these events will be a day dance event with cocktails and barbecue.

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