FALMOUTH and Truro MP Cherilyn Mackrory says she is "incredibly disappointed" after learning that Cornwall Council is withdrawing financial support for the Royal Cornwall Museum - meaning it may have to close.

Mrs Mackrory says she is one of the museum in Truro's "biggest advocates" and following the announcement yesterday had written to the leader of the Tory led Cornwall Council and the cabinet member for culture asking them to reconsider their decision and reverse it.

The Conservative MP has also written to the Secretary Of State for Culture asking from support from the government as well as requesting an urgent meeting with all the stakeholders involved.

In a statement issued yesterday evening she said : "I was incredibly disappointed to hear the news that Cornwall Council will be withdrawing financial support from the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro.

"Following the council’s withdrawal of financial support, there is a very real threat the museum will have to close its doors. This would be a catastrophic loss to the people of Cornwall, and our young Cornish children.

"Each year thousands of Cornish school children, from each corner of Cornwall, visit the museum to see their various exhibitions. The museum educates and inspires both adults and our young people alike. A centre for Cornish heritage and culture - a museum for Cornwall.

"Following the announcement, earlier today I held urgent talks with the museum partners to discuss next steps, and how we could avoid closing its doors. Since my election in 2019 I have worked closely with the team at the museum and remain one of their biggest advocates.

"After our meeting this afternoon, I have written to the Leader of Cornwall Council and the Cabinet Member for Culture, asking them to reconsider and reverse the decision to withdraw all financial support to the museum. I have requested an urgent meeting with all the stakeholders involved, and I have also written to the Secretary of State for Culture, asking for support from the Government for the Royal Cornwall Museum.

"Over the next few days and in the weeks ahead, I will continue to work with the team at the Royal Cornwall Museum to keep the doors open so that the people and children of Cornwall can continue to view and be educated by their excellent exhibitions."

The removal of funding for the museum comes at a difficult time for the MP on top of the collapse of the Stadium for Cornwall project this week and the closure of the Ships and Castles leisure centre in Falmouth, all parts of the MP's constituency. All instigated by the Conservative led council


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The news was meant with consternation by many people in response to the statement. Scott Anthony "It’s a disgrace, firstly no stadium and now the museum. This council is potentially the most antiquated in the country, it needs a huge change to bring it into the 21st century and actually understand what is important to the taxpayers who pay their wages."

While Holly Madeleine Hall Hare-Scott said: "This is so sad! I hope you can help the fight for the museum to stay open. It’s an important part of our Cornish heritage with artefacts of key importance. I would be keen to learn more more about what can/needs to be done to ensure the museum stays open."

Cornwall Council told the BBC it had had 51 applicants to its culture and creative investment programme from 2022-26, but the museum was not a successful bidder.

The museum's chief executive Jonathan MortonMr Morton and artistic director Bryony Robins said in a statement: "This decision will directly lead to the imminent closure of Royal Cornwall Museum and the Courtney Library.

"We are still in the process of understanding why, and the decision is even more disappointing considering the great successes we have had over the past two years."