Falmouth Town Council has announced that the public toilets in Kimberley Park are to close from 4pm on a daily basis.

The closure is because of 'persistent vandalism and graffiti issues' say the Council who are reviewing increased checks in the area

A full statement from the Council on their Facebook page said: "Due to persistent vandalism and graffiti issues, Kimberley Park public toilets will close daily at 4pm until further notice.

"Falmouth Town Council is currently reviewing increased surveillance in this area.

"These arrangements will be reviewed following the implementation of revised controls."

The latest implementation follows an alleged 'arson' attack on disabled toilets at the park on Saturday, June 25 which Falmouth Town Council maintenance manager Simon Penna blamed on 'mindless vandalism'.

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Elsewhere in the park in May warnings were made to the public after a razor blade and sharpened cans were found at the children's play area, as well as a festival banner being stolen from the park's railings in early June.

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