All six MPs for Cornwall have now released statements regarding the PM's imminent departure. 

MPs in Cornwall have released statements regarding the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be stepping down as leader of the Conservative party and potentially remaining as Prime Minister until the autumn.

It remains unclear whether any of the 'Cornwall six' might be tempted to put their names forward in any future Conservative leadership contest.

George Eustice, MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle, said: "The Prime Minister is doing the right thing by standing down.

"After the vote of no confidence in June where 148 Conservative MPs voted against him, he had a small window in which to regain his authority but didn't manage to. 

"When a Prime Minister loses the confidence of Parliament their position becomes untenable and its important that they reconcile themselves to that reality and work to support an orderly transition."

In a statement posted to his social media account, Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay, said: "It has been a very challenging week in Parliament.

"At times like this the Whips Office play a crucial role in ensuring Parliament and our democracy are able to continue to function and essential Government business can continue.

"Throughout this difficult week I have continued to serve Parliament in my role as a whip.

"I wrote to the Chief Whip earlier this week to make my views clear that I believed the time had come for the PM to stand down and allow a new leader and Prime Minister to be elected.

"Sadly, the events of the past week have meant it was clear that he no longer had the support of a majority of the Parliamentary Conservative Party, and he could no longer form a functioning government.

"I indicated that I was willing to continue to serve in the whip’s office in order to ensure Parliament could continue to function but that I would not be prepared to accept any other role. This remains my position.

"I believe the Prime Minister has made the right decision to announce he will step down.

"This will now allow the process to begin for us to elect a new party leader and Prime Minister.

"I believe we need to complete this process as soon (as) possible.

"There is no place in our constitution for an interim Prime Minister so it is right that Boris Johnson continues in post for this transition period.

"I want to place on record my thanks to the Prime Minister for all he has done for me, the people of St Austell and Newquay, Cornwall and our country.

"He led us through one of the most challenging periods of our history that any of us are likely to live through.

"He has supported Cornwall and helped to deliver record investment, not least in the development of Spaceport Cornwall which I know without his personal support would not be happening.

"Personally, it has been the honour of my life to serve as part of his government, firstly as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Health Secretary throughout the pandemic, and currently as a Government Whip.

"Something I never imagined a humble Cornish lad from St Blazey would ever get to be.

"I will always be grateful for his support and leadership.

"It is now time to move on and elect a new leader. I will be waiting to see who the candidates are before forming a view of who to support in the upcoming party election.

"I remain focused on representing and serving the people of St Austell and Newquay and continuing my role in the Whips Office during this transition period to ensure the smooth running of Parliament."

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, said: "This week was extremely challenging in Parliament with the Prime Minister standing down.

"I would like to thank Boris Johnson for the opportunity to serve in his government over the past three years.

We have achieved many of our manifesto commitments and it has been a highlight of my career helping to deliver on key legislation, including Brexit, which will be the Prime Minister’s legacy.

"I wish Boris, Carrie, and the children all the best for the future in whatever they do next.

"Government cannot just stop. The cost of living and the price of energy is having a profound impact on rural constituencies such as North Cornwall but I am pleased that financial support will be coming through to local people shortly.

"This will include a direct payment of £350 to qualifying households and a £400 non-repayable credit to energy accounts.

"Supporting the people of North Cornwall is my priority and it always will be.

"In terms of going forward, there will of course be a new Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party by the autumn.

"At the time of writing several colleagues are considering running, but the contest has not been formally called.

"As I have done previously, I will talk to the candidates and look at what they are offering.

"For me, the key issue is what their leadership can deliver for us here in North Cornwall and I do hope that the leveling up agenda which I have supported will continue.

"I will update you all in due course."

Cherilyn Mackrory, the MP for Truro and Falmouth's statement read as follows:

"As I write this I am here in Cornwall, a welcome world away from the atmosphere in Westminster and am reflecting on a week that many will feel was inevitable.

"I argued that this disruption was not in the interests of my constituents, but now that he has lost the confidence of his cabinet, it is right that the Prime Minister has resigned. 

"The process to appoint a new leader will begin now, with a timetable set out next week.

"As the Prime Minister leaves office, despite some misgivings, I believe there are many achievements he should be proud of, including, unblocking a stalled Parliament, delivering Brexit in the face of virulent opposition, rolling out the vaccine at incredible speed and providing global leadership on Ukraine. 

"We have also seen a Prime Minister, and a Government, committed to levelling up every corner of the United Kingdom, including Cornwall. 

"During my time as the Member of Parliament for this part of Cornwall, the Prime Minister has personally worked closely with me to deliver our priorities at home. 

"I have seen first-hand his commitment for delivering for the people of Cornwall, and I have been delighted to welcome him to Cornwall on a number of occasions over the last two and a half years.  

"He had a true desire to level up Cornwall and support me to deliver for the constituents in Truro, Falmouth and the many towns and villages across this part of Cornwall that I represent.

"Since becoming an MP in 2019, this Prime Minister and his Government have secured the new Women and Children’s Hospital at Treliske, a new secondary school in Perranporth for children on the North Coast, delivering the duelling of the A30 between Chiverton and Carland Cross, writing off Treliske’s historic debt to the tune of £42.5 million, a £23 million Town Deal for Truro, enabling second home owners to be charged a 100% council tax premium and not to mention the millions spent on furlough and business grants during the COVID pandemic. 

"Next week in Cornwall we will be looking at how we spend the Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) – the EU replacement funding. 

"There will always be critics, but Cornwall will receive then second most SPF after London. To put it in perspective, Torbay got £1 million, Plymouth got £3 million, Cornwall got £132 million. 

"The national average allocation per head is £17, London’s allocation per head is £20 and Cornwall’s allocation per head will be £233.

"For these reasons, I will always be grateful to the Prime Minister. 

"That said, now is the time for us to look to the future, deliver on our priorities and restore trust in our politics. 

"Outside of the Westminster bubble, people are struggling and it’s my duty to help them. 

"That remains my priority, as it always has.

"I will remain fully committed to representing the people of Truro and Falmouth and, when the time comes, I will back the candidate who I feel will best deliver for Cornwall, and for those living in this constituency."

Sheryll Murray, who has seemingly backed Boris through thick and thin, kept her statement short, saying: "Thank you for all you have done for our United Kingdom Boris Johnson."

All but one of Cornwall's MPs have backed Boris up until this point, with only Derek Thomas breaking rank and submitting a letter of no-confidence back in April of this year.

In a statement posted on to his Facebook profile on July 6, Derek Thomas said: "A number of decent MPs have now quit the jobs they loved and committed themselves to.

"Rishi and Sajid are obviously the best known figures but add to this Will Quince, Jo Church, Victoria Atkins, Alex Chalk, John Glen, Robin Walker and Stuart Andrew.

"Surely the PM must realise he has to go?

"There are several others, many of whom I know personally as dedicated public servants, who were effective in their work and deserve to be serving in Government.

"We need someone who has the the conviction, strength of character and vision to bring the country together.

"People have the right to believe and feel that a Conservative Government is on their side, working for them and in the national interest.

"Whilst I have no idea what Boris plans to do, we must find a way to restore order and integrity across Government - it is in the national interest."

The Packet has contacted all of Cornwall's MPs for comment and will keep you up to date on this developing situation.