After a week of scorching weather and political purgatory, it's time to forget all of that and enjoy some of Cornwall's finest captures with The Packet Camera Club.

With the resignation of the Prime Minister and the search for his successor still causing waves, we've got the perfect escape from the painful politics plaguing the population.

This week, our collection includes Stithians wildlife, wedding transport done the farmer way and a huge herd of....dogs?

Honourable mentions this week go to Ann Martin for her stunning picture of a Wren called Jenny whose morning visits have enabled a lovely snap.

Also getting an honourable mention this week is Mark Quilter for his absolutely gorgeous image of a pack of Old English sheepdogs. A dog-lover's dream

We'll be back next Sunday with more of our members images so keep sending in your submissions for a chance to be featured in the online and newspaper editions of The Packet.

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