With Prime Minister Boris Johnson's departure date still being decided, The Packet put out a question to our readers as to who they'd like to see as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The competition as to who should take over from BoJo was fierce so we've put together a list of our favourites and hey, you never know, maybe we'll see a few of these names throw their hat into the Conservative leadership contest.

10 - "My Mum"

We're starting off strong with "My mum." The person who suggested this obviously has a lot of faith in their mother to be recommending them to run the country, and we respect that.

The thought process of "If she's strong enough to raise me, maybe she's got what it takes to run the country, too" is a line of thinking we can get behind, although, given the nepotism the world witnessed under leaders such as Donald Trump, we'd have to keep an eye on whether the user who submitted this suggestion didn't then become Chancellor of the Exchequer...

9 - Joey Essex

Falmouth Packet: Joey Essex for PM? Picture: PA ImagesJoey Essex for PM? Picture: PA Images

Given our experience of recent Prime Ministers (looking at you, Big Dog), we could probably be forgiven for thinking that a lack of political know-how isn't particularly important when deciding who should run the country.

In fact, maybe that's exactly what's needed? If the public really have "had enough of the experts," Mr Essex may well prove a refreshing change of pace. Forget fiscal policy or "Getting Brexit Done," let's all just focus on being more "reem".

8 - Darth Vader

Falmouth Packet: An 'interesting' choice in Darth Vader... Picture: PA ImagesAn 'interesting' choice in Darth Vader... Picture: PA Images

An interesting choice this, given that Darth Vader was killed back in 1983 after Luke Skywalker defeated him in a lightsaber duel and blew up the second Death Star.

However, despite his death, the policies of The Empire are still seemingly influencing British politics through the likes of Priti Patel and her approach to immigration and human rights.

Unfortunately, depending on who you ask, the UK doesn't quite have the resources to build its own Death Star, which is probably Jeremy Corbyn's fault... somehow.

7 - Pinocchio

Falmouth Packet: But would Pinocchio just be a government puppet? Picture: Getty ImagesBut would Pinocchio just be a government puppet? Picture: Getty Images

Finally! A candidate with a built-in accountability trait! The approach with which the last government regime dealt with concepts such as 'telling the truth' has undoubtedly left a sour taste in the mouth of many. With Pinocchio there would be no such problem as weekly nose measurements could be taken to ensure honesty and integrity remain central to the candidate's key performance indicators. Having said that, accusations of the candidate "just being someone else's puppet" are likely to put a dent in any potential leadership campaign.

6 - "This person's dog"

Falmouth Packet: One reader thought their dog would make a better Prime Minister!One reader thought their dog would make a better Prime Minister!

Again, another submission that's somewhat out of left field. We didn't specify that candidates should only be human, and that's on us. However, this particular author is a sucker for a good boy and, because of this, any leadership contest with a canine campaign will almost certainly have my vote when it came to a general election.

Policy predictions include mandatory walkies, the legalisation of digging for bones, and a nation-wide ban on the possession and supply of cats.

5 - David Attenborough

Falmouth Packet: Who would argue with David? Picture: PA ImagesWho would argue with David? Picture: PA Images

Both Boris and Trump may have been products of increasing global populism, but it's hard to think of a single person, living or dead, who could topple this national treasure come potential prime minister in a general election. With the climate crisis becoming increasingly apparent, who better to lead one of the world's largest economies than a man who has dedicated his life to teaching the population all about the natural world and the creatures that live within it. Unfortunately, if he did win, he'd probably not have the time to make another Planet Earth series, which would surely be to the detriment of us all.

4 - Gordon Ramsay

Falmouth Packet: Gordon Ramsay has experience in a grilling. Picture: PA ImagesGordon Ramsay has experience in a grilling. Picture: PA Images

If you're looking for a PM who's tough on soggy pastry and apparently knows how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, we've got you covered. Gordon Ramsay may not seem like an obvious choice for many, but, working in the kitchen of a top restaurant requires a lot determination, resilience, and an eye for the finer details. Also, foreign policy may well get a boost from a British PM who's willing to put bread on the sides of faces of leaders like Vladimir Putin and ask: "What are you? To which we imagine Mr Putin would reply: "An idiot sandwich."

3 - Larry the cat

Falmouth Packet: Larry the cat is 'feline' up to the job. Picture: PA ImagesLarry the cat is 'feline' up to the job. Picture: PA Images

Again, we failed to stipulate whether non-human candidates would be eligible, however, this particular submission may have an edge over the other hopefuls, considering he's already living at 10 Downing Street. Cats are often described as having staff rather than owners and can be incredibly cold without even realising it, making them an almost perfect candidate in any Conservative leadership contest. Although their occasional apathy towards humans could well be the downfall of us all if they're ever allowed access to the country's nuclear weapons.

2 - Mr Blobby

Falmouth Packet: Blobby, blobby, blobby? Picture: PA ImagesBlobby, blobby, blobby? Picture: PA Images

Those of us lucky enough to have lived through the 90s will no doubt remember the anarchic antics of Mr Blobby. Despite consistently trashing his sidekick's house party, the yellow-spotted, pink 'Blobby' lives fondly in the minds of many and could also been seen as a living representation of how farcical UK politics can be.

I don't, however, look forward to taking down his press conferences in shorthand.

1 - Rick Astley

Falmouth Packet: Rick Astley - he's never gonna let you down. Picture: PA ImagesRick Astley - he's never gonna let you down. Picture: PA Images

Again, our number one pick could well be a surprise for a few of our readers. Mr Rick Astley is not known for his political prowess, nor his expertise in foreign policy or the economy.

He's even considered by some to be a "one hit wonder." But these are not the reasons why he should be our next Prime Minister. No. That would be because he's already promised, to you the British public, that he's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

He's never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.