This summer an award-winning touring theatre group will present one of Shakespeare's plays, King Lear, at 15 locations across Cornwall.

Running from July 13 until August 27, Miracle Theatre Touring Group will tell the tale of King Lear, a dark tale about a family squabble that grows out of all proportion, blowing up into a storm of deadly force.

This adaption of Shakespeare's text will be performed by a cast of five who will tell the story of ageing and madness, fuelled by ambition and fired by betrayal.

Director Bill Scott, who adapted the script, said: “These days we expect an economy in story-telling which would have been disappointing to Elizabethan audiences who liked to while away a long afternoon at the theatre.

"We want Miracle’s adaptation of King Lear to be fast-paced, enthralling entertainment, embedded in glorious locations the length and breadth of Cornwall and enjoyed by grown-ups of all ages and their fearless children!”

This is not the first time The Miracle Theatre has performed a Shakespeare adaption; previous shows include Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Midsummer Night's Dream, The Taking of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest, much to the enjoyment of Cornwall's audiences who described them as "A triumph of artistry over logic, so inspired and hugely enjoyable”, and “Better than Stratford in June”.

Rosie Hughes will be taking the title role. Her character transcends gender to bring the old king to life and show his unpredictable nature: a fading physical presence occasionally bursting with formidable energy, half mad but completely sane, an angry old man capable of moment of great tenderness.

The ensemble cast also includes Miracle regulars, Steve Jacobs, Charlotte Merriam, Cat Lake and Ian Harris.

Miracle Theatre group originated in 1979, and has a reputation for producing, comical, highly entertaining and thought provoking shows, suitable for anyone and everyone.

The production is designed by Cornish artist Paul Spooner, whose work has been described as "eccentrically beautiful and endlessly fascinating" and "full of wonder and whimsy."

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